Would you pass or fail a test given by GOD?


Have you ever paused to reflect on your learning process? My daughter shared her unique approach-she observes her teacher’s methods, grasps the way they structure quizzes, and then directs her focus accordingly. It’s a strategy that’s proven to be brilliant. How about you? Do you find yourself studying the material or the teacher? Both aspects are crucial, but have you found a balance that works for you?

If you focus on just the material, you could fail the test because you have the knowledge needed but not the test. Or you are so focused on the teacher that you may not look at the material, and again, you could not pass. Or have to do a do-over or maybe even extra credit.

This is true with our walk with Jesus Christ. Do you go to church and listen to the sermon, and that is it? You may need to catch up on some things. No, you will miss some things. Remember, your minister should be preaching what GOD has uniquely shown him. Can I repeat that “What GOD has uniquely shown him!” 

It may not be what you need that day or week. Then it may, but if you don’t do anything else except that you are not getting to know the “true teacher” for a week. See, GOD gave us the Bible so we can continue learning from HIM daily.

Remember, you will not excel if you only show up once a week. This week, I urge you to take charge of your learning. Instead of relying solely on the internet, Facebook, or TikTok, consider the Bible. These platforms may share GOD’s words, but they’re filtered through human interpretation. GOD wants to communicate with you directly; HE is your ultimate teacher. So, learn from HIM and pick up your BIBLE. The quiz will be based on GOD’s word, the Bible, not what man tells you.

Pastor Mary


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Mary Yaw

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