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Titus II, Inc. was established to train and equip women to live a Christ- centered life, regain their dignity, and assist them to become re-established in the community. Inside the Titus II Ministry Center miracles happen, friendships develop, self-respect increases, and trust is established. God's love is displayed.

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Our Story

Hear Mary share the story about how Titus II was started and how her story lead to a lifelong passion for serving other women like her who need a helping hand through God's ministry.

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Titus II ministry center’s vision is to provide women (with or without children under the age of 5) a safe environment where they can experience the love, forgiveness, and life-changing power of Jesus Christ.


The mission of Titus II is a Christ-centered home to help women in need.

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We focus on women (with or without children) who are committed to living a Christian life and who need a place that provides a safe environment and supports Christian training. We are available for those who are reaching out, desiring a change, and have began to seek God’s will for their lives.

How Titus 2

came to be

December of 2011 we started taking in women. Since then we have seen 4 marriages restored, several salvations, numerous ladies have stayed at the house from a couple of days to a full year. There have been women who just need a weekend away to regroup come and stay also. There are also calls from ladies in Texas, Illinois and South Dakota. It is Mary’s goal when she talks with each lady to have a time of prayer with her before they hang up.

In 2014 we will be having a "Women of the Bible" Study on Monday nights and a Successful Single class on Friday nights. The "coffee time" is on Tuesday and Thursdays from 1-6 and we watch a faith-based movie and have a discussion afterwards. Ladies please come and join us at any time.

As of July 2017 the Ministry Center is holding classes that are open to the public helping build "Successful Women." They include Parenting, Finance, Relationship and Communication classes. There is also time to connect women to women at the Ministry Center on Tuesday and Thursday from 1-6 during our "Coffee Is On".

We are moving forward with the master plan for the Ministry. In creating a "Bible Adventure Playground". In July the under brush was cleared by a gentleman and his brush hog. So we now can see and make more decisive plans for the playground.

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