Who do you contact first?

Life happens, right? My vehicle was towed into the shop yesterday because it just quit working. I trust my mechanic; I know he will do his best. But this leads me to look at who I depend on when life happens.

Oh, of course. God should be our first choice. We should run to him when life happens and receive a curve ball in our day. The one thing we can rest assured of is this: “It didn’t take God by surprise.” He already knew it was going to happen; it is now up to us to react.

Yes, we call those in this world who can help us, Becker Auto and then AAA, to tow my vehicle. When did I call out to God? I must be honest. It wasn’t my first go-to this time.

This morning, as I sit here, not knowing what today brings, I bring all my cares and concerns to God. He was the one I should have reached out to BEFORE I picked up the phone yesterday. God also knew this.

Who am I genuinely depending on? I rest in His presence and provision. He is my heavenly father and knows what is best for me. My breakdown didn’t happen as I was driving; I was safe, and those are all God’s provisions and protection. For the last couple of days, I have blogged on the names of God and who He is. He is my everything and my ever-present help in times of need.  Psalm 46 states that.

So, as this day moves forward, it does. Who am I depending on? Who are you depending on?

Pastor Mary


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Mary Yaw

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