Who are you listening to?

We all have so many people speaking into our lives daily. The question is, who do you listen to? Who is most important, and who tells you how to do it?

When I started Titus II, Inc. in 2008, I had people I talked to suggest something, and I felt I needed to do that at the time. Being in my 60s, I remember watching circus performers on TV as a child. The one in particular I compare my life to was the person spinning the plates on a pole. He was the only one watching them. His assistant kept giving him more plates. Well, that is how I was feeling.

Until one day, a dear friend who is now in heaven asked me, “Did God tell you to do that?” That is when she said, “Then don’t do it.” This was life-changing, so when listening to a suggestion, I would answer, “I will pray about it.”

I still had many plates spinning around. In prayer about them, God said, “Take the plates down. I didn’t call you to.” Wow, so simple. To take them down.

Those making the suggestions. It was God talking to them. Maybe God needed them to do it and not me.

God’s word says in Matthew 11:30, “For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” So, the Lord is saying, do what I called you to do. It will be easy, and I will be with you wherever you go. Deuteronomy 31:8.

Pastor Mary


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Mary Yaw

Mary is on a mission to provide a cozy welcoming, safe place where you can find H.O.P.E. for the future.