Where do I start?

As I started my day this morning, I asked the Lord, “How do you want me to read your word?”

Yearly Bible readings are good, although I don’t need another box to check off on some reading plan. God knows what I need to hear from Him every day. So, this morning, He reminded me Proverbs has 31 chapters. Imagine that. God put a daily Bible reading in the Bible for us.

Pastor Chuck Swindoll explains the purpose of the Proverbs this way:

  • To inspire reverence and obedience within the reader’s heart
  • To teach discernment
  • To develop alertness in the walk
  • To establish discretion and purpose in life
  • To cultivate keenness of mind

In each chapter, brief statements lead you to ponder your life and how you live—giving you thoughts that will challenge you on how to live for the Lord. Beware, there are some convicting words in there.

Don’t know where to start, or are you tired of just checking a box and walking away with nothing to ponder? This is something you can add to your day. Even at work break or lunch, bring it up on your phone and let the Lord speak to you. You don’t have to join in with others. Have a moment with the LORD.

Pastor Mary


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