Visiting the doctor

How many of us go to the doctor, tell them what is wrong, and leave without any answer or don’t follow their instructions? Only a few. Some know what a doctor is for and refuse to go till their body is in bad shape. Then, some do regular doctor visits and do their best to maintain their health, most of the time.

Ever think of how this could apply to our relationship with God? I have done this in my life, and I am sure in yours if you are honest.

Life as we live out here on earth brings all sorts of challenges. Some we can handle ourselves, and others we need more help with. How do we find that help from God?

If we look at it the same way as going to the doctor, praying to God is our starting point. Prayer is not a scary or repetitive thing. It is having a conversation with someone who cares and listens. No matter how we feel (mad, sad, frustrated, glad). God is there for you.

After talking to Him, how do I listen now? It is easy. He had a book complete with love letters and instructions written just for us, called the Bible. It is our handbook for everything we need in life. Some answers are apparent, others you may have to read and ponder. I assure you that your answers are there.

Now comes the action, the doing what we were told. This can be hard. It may require giving up something or someone you don’t want to. But rest assured, if you “Embrace Change, it can be Beautiful.”

Pastor Mary

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Mary Yaw

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