Taste and See

Yesterday, I had a dark chocolate heart with a caramel center. Now, I prefer milk chocolate, but I chose to try one.

Have you ever tried to take just one candy and savor it in your mouth? Discovering layer upon layer the flavor? I did this years ago with an M&M bag, and the bag lasted a long time. Yesterday, it was a taste of experience. First, the salt, then the mixing of the dark chocolate, filled my mouth. Which was great, but I was surprised when I got closer to the caramel center. Now, it went from a hard candy to something soft. The bonus was I was satisfied and experienced flavors I usually would not have by just putting them in my mouth and chewing.

God has made our bodies experience different things through taste and feel.

Psalms 34:8 is a challenge to taste and see if the Lord is good. Don’t stop there! He continues to say blessed is the one who trusts in him.

It is about slowing down and tasting your food to be satisfied. We are to taste and see the Lord is good. If we don’t slow down enough in our fast-paced world, we will blow right past an experience with God. Not only that, but the last line of the scripture says we will be blessed.

So, try it today, slow down. Pick up your Bible (read only a couple of verses), take a moment to talk with our Lord and see if He is good, and then look for the blessing.

Don’t just blow past this and say I will do it later. Take just 5 minutes. You have that.

Pastor Mary


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Mary Yaw

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