Snapshot not a motion picture!


We all have memories of our past, and at times, we think about them. Something can jog a memory (smell, song, taste, or even a place). Those are snapshots of who we are. A snapshot is never meant to become a motion picture of who you are.

Here is what happens to many of us—those moments when people mean well and say or do something. What needs to be just a snapshot of your life changes you. You continue to play those moments repeatedly (aka a motion picture of your life from a simple snapshot).

We form ideas about how people perceive us. These ideas sometimes need to be corrected, or can I say most of the time? We see criticism/rejection from them because they don’t understand who we are. They see life through their memories, life experiences, and expectations for you. They speak out of their insecurities and mean well for your life. They don’t see the whole picture. They usually mean well.

What we really need to do is to come to our creator and ask Him to show us how and why we are here. He knows us. As we walk out of this life on this side of heaven, we must remember those moments are just a snapshot of who we were. It is what was being played out at that time in your life.

I am working through things from my past and realizing I have allowed people’s words/actions to change who God created me to be. I am learning and will continue to understand just how much the Creator of this world LOVES ME and makes me perfect in His eyes.

Pastor Mary

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Mary Yaw

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