Red letters in the Bible


As a child, I recall observing my mother meticulously underlining the words of Jesus in her Bible with a red colored pencil. I didn’t fully comprehend the significance of her actions at that time, but now I realize what a profound study it would be. To immerse oneself in the words of Jesus, to read them in isolation, is a unique experience. It’s one thing to claim you’ve read them, but to invest the time and patience to underline them is a testament to the depth of your study.

With that, I decided to look up how this came about. Louis Klopsch, an innovative and philanthropic editor of the Christian Herald magazine, introduced the red-letter edition of the Bible. In 1899, Klopsch published the first red-letter New Testament. Two years later, he released the first complete red-letter edition, The Holy Bible: Red Letter Edition (Christian Herald, 1901). This first red-letter Bible was a King James Version, but today, many other translations exist with the words of Christ printed in red letters.

So now there are many different Bibles, KJV, NKJV, NIV, and ESV to name a few. Here is a link to a PDF document, “A Guide to Popular Bible Translations.” There are many more if you search on Google.

Stay tuned for future Moments with Pastor Mary, where we’ll delve into a fascinating topic of scriptures omitted from specific versions of the Bible. This is a subject that often sparks intriguing debates and further enriches our understanding of the Bible’s complex history.

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