Quiet your world and listen.

This morning, I sat here listening to the sounds of the birds and trying to identify them. I have an app that helps with that. Twenty-six birds have been identified at Titus 2 guest house in the past year. I could not do it without the app, but listening to God’s creation as they wake up, enjoying a cup of coffee, and talking with God, I could not think of a better way to start my morning.

Then, in a moment, God reminded me that He knows my voice intimately. He recognizes me, not through an app, but through the unique sound of my heart. He knows each one of our voices and where we are at. John 10:27 states that. It also says we know His voice and follow Him. But what does God’s voice sound like? It’s a voice that is uniquely attuned to each of us, a voice that speaks directly to our hearts, reminding us of our significance in His eyes.

God’s voice can be still small, a gentle whisper that brings peace to our souls. But here’s the thing: He wants to know we are listening to Him and for Him. The ‘still’ part is on us, though. We need to be still. To be quiet in our hearts and minds. It takes practice to quiet our minds, but the reward is the serenity of God’s presence. He wants us to be like a child sitting on their dad’s lap. We are not squirming to get down and play (work) but to sit. To lean back and rest. To hear His heartbeat. John 13:23 tells of the disciple John who did this and states Jesus loved him.

So, for today, I invite you to take a moment to envision yourself in a state of peace, leaning back as John did. He was realizing the love of the Lord coming to refresh your soul.

Pastor Mary
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Mary Yaw

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