Meaning of strange words


Hallelujah, in English, means “praise the Lord, or God be praised, or praise Yahweh.” It is A Hebrew liturgical expression (a public expression). The Hebrew Bible uses it in several of the Psalms. 

Amen is another word we say. It appears 30 times in the Hebrew Bible and is used to express faith or hearty approval. 

Selah occurs 71 times in Psalms and three times in Habakkuk. It occurs after a statement that can puzzle the reader. We need to pause momentarily and think about what we just read. 

YHWH or Yahweh is an old English representation of the proper name for God. They believed you should not say God’s name. The reason all the vowels are missing. This way, you could not take the Lord’s name in vain. The pronunciation of “Jehovah” in the English language has become accepted. Other names are Jah; Jahveh; Jahweh; Jehovah; Yah; Yahweh (Deity) 

Manna is the food God provided the Israelites in the desert. But what is it? It was a form a bread—a white substance described as like the coriander seed that tastes like wafers made with honey. 

This information was found in Logos. 

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