Making a difference

If you are a Christian, you all know how one man made a difference in your life. Jesus came to this world to give us a way to eternal life. John 3:16 is a well-known scripture. Have you ever stopped to think if you were the only one, Jesus would still have come?

The starfish poem states this little boy was saving starfish one at a time—regardless of what the man said to him.

The question is, are you willing to look for and help just one today? Is there someone you can show God to? Someone who needs a person to listen.

As the founder of Titus II, Inc., I have said we would do all we do for just one person. For someone to feel valued. To see they are worth more than the world says. One of the ladies reminded me, “I am one of your starfish.”

The poem has so many analogies. The storm is our life, the starfish is people (you and me), the world has beaten up or is lost, the boy would be Jesus (one of his disciples), the man would be Satan (us before accepting Christ), and lastly, the water represents the Holy Spirit. Interesting thought.

So, in the poem, Who Are You? A starfish, the boy, or the man?

Pastor Mary

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Mary Yaw

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