Justice finds us all

I bought myself a new Bible called “The Bible Promise Book,” the KJV. This is my favorite version of the Bible. This Bible has a daily promise you can read along with showing you all the promises in the Bible.

Today, the promise is called “Justice finds us all.” 1 Kings 22:29-39 talks about King Ahab, who disguised himself and went into battle. He knew he would be a target if dressed as a king. But the arrow still found him.

This story can relate to us in a couple of ways.

  • Are we hiding from God? God has something He knows we need to change in our lives, but we don’t want to. Are you doing your own thing and going your way even though God wants us to go in another direction?
  • Is the enemy coming in disguised? We are walking with God and don’t understand why something isn’t working as we thought. Only to discover down the road that it was the enemy disguised.  A distraction on where we need to go.

I can relate to this several times in the past. But now, I want not to put on my disguise but allow Jesus’s precious blood to cover and protect me. I also need spiritual eyes to see what is happening around me and why. Where is my battle? Am I called to this one, or am I to be still and watch the justice that comes from Heaven show up?

Pastor Mary


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Mary Yaw

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