Jehovah Nissi, my Banner


The other day, I talked with a lady about God’s names and attributes. One of them was Jehovah Nissi, the Lord my banner.

It is found in the Bible in Exodus 17:15 when Moses built an altar and named it Jehovah Nissi.

There are so many visuals you can use for banners. They could be flags outside a business, signs posted above an organization at an event, signs carried in front of bands at parades, and so on.

God’s Banner over us protects and guides us through this world, which is filled with many trials and tribulations. We can seek God in those times and allow Him to cover us.

One of the examples I used during our conversation was that we were talking about the “Blood of Jesus” as our banner over us, protecting us. But then I considered it a blanket you can curl under and feel safe and secure.

That is who our God is. One who is waiting for us to come to Him when we face tough stuff. He is waiting.

During a tough time in Iowa, I was so hurt and lost. All I could do was take a nap, holding my Bible. That is what I was clinging to during those times. When I woke up, all the emotions I had felt prior to the nap were gone. Jehovah Nissi had protected me and restored my heart.

As you pause and think about this today, realize all the different ways and places you can see your Jehovah Nissi show up. If we allow Him to, is the question, or do you want to fight the fight yourself?

Pastor Mary

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Mary Yaw

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