In the cleft of the rock

The song “He hideth my soul” is on my mind this morning.  I love the old gospel songs. There is so much meaning behind them.

The following line is “in the cleft of the rock.” How is that? What does that look like? A rock. A rock is mentioned several times in the Bible. This one refers to Exodus 33:22 

What I find interesting is the rock. Something unmovable and solid. Yet there are clefts or cracks. These are big enough to hide a person. See, Moses desired to see God. God knew Moses needed to be hidden from His full glory, so He created a cleft (crack) in the rock and placed him there.

So, Jesus has been referred to as the rock. Suppose we look at the cracks in the rock for Moses and the fact that Jesus’ side was pierced. This was a wow for me. I know whom I run to when hurting and weary. Putting these two together this morning gave it a whole new meaning.

Even the following line that God placed His hand over Moses in the rock and passed by. To realize that we can be hidden in Christ and the hand of God be placed over us. Here was to hide Moses from seeing His face. But was able to see his back. How about God covers us when we believe in Jesus Christ and He crucified so after the situation we are going through, we can see where God’s hand was protecting us, healing us, and most of all, loving us?

Pastor Mary

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Mary Yaw

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