Growing Weary

Have you ever carried something for an extended amount or something heavy for a short time, and your arms just gave out? So weary from the load, do you have no more strength in your arms? There are days when I am just so weary. The daily chores are too heavy to do it again. But I am up anyway and starting my day.

Another pastor asked me what he could pray for Titus and me. At the time, our finances were our battle. When I shared this with him, he stated money is not a problem with God. He said he would pray for Aaron and Hur to accompany Titus and me.

In Exodus 17, Moses felt this way as he led the Israelites through the desert. Here, he, along with Aaron and Hur, had gone up to the hilltop to watch over the battle with the Amalek and to lift the Rod of God. The battle took longer than Moses’ strength could hold up the Rod of God. When his arms came down, they would lose. So, his friends took a stone for him to sit on. Aaron and Hur each took an arm to help steady until the sun went down.

Since then, I have prayed for them and looked for them. Do you have two friends who can and will stand beside you? Who understands your purpose or the battle you are facing? We all need this—someone who understands and listens (to you and what you are facing).

When you find them, let them know you appreciate them. Then look who you can be the Aaron and Hur for. In a callous world, we need them more than what we think is our answer to our battle.  

Pastor Mary

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Mary Yaw

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