“God Winks”

Today is about “God Winks”. I started talking about them when I was the house parent for Titus when it was transitional housing for women. The woman came from a very hopeless place, and her self-esteem was very low. They needed to get their focus different. So, when something totally out of the blue happened, we would call them “God Winks.”

I was there to mentor a woman as the house parent for 12 years. It was hard on me at times emotionally, and I needed a “God Wink.” I would do it all over again. As I would hear their stories of when God showed up unexpectedly. I rejoiced in my spirit for them.

Here are some examples if you do not understand what a “God Wink” is. You see an eagle or cardinal in your yard. How about someone buying your coffee in the drive-through? You don’t know them, but they did that for you. Or you are finding something that you thought was lost. How about a restored relationship with a spouse, child, or friend? There are so many examples of God Winks. Some call them coincidences; I prefer saying God-incident. When God sets you up. (More on that another time)

My favorite is “God Wink”. At a meeting, I heard them talk of a golden eagle. I had never heard of a golden eagle, so doing some research on them and one of those popcorn prayers, I told God I would love to see one. Going about my day or maybe months, when I was driving to church around Lake Agnus, there was this giant bird in a tree. Oh, it was wintertime also. Turning around to check it out, I took a few pictures and thanked God for showing me a golden eagle. Of course, then comes the enemy telling me it was not. We all know God is good, for the pictures I took looked very similar to the ones I had saved from the internet.

Mary Yaw

Mary is on a mission to provide a cozy welcoming, safe place where you can find H.O.P.E. for the future.