“God knows me inside and out.” That’s a beautiful statement.

I was first introduced to Psalm 139 at an adult class on Sunday morning. We were to memorize a scripture, and a lady in the class chose this one. It was an eye-opener for her, as well as for me, how much God knew and cared for her.

Let’s look at the verses:

  • Verse 1-3: God has searched and knows me and all my ways.
  • Verse 4 says God knows every word in our mouth.
  • Verse 5-10: He sees us wherever we may go.
  • Verse 11-12: Even in our darkest days, we are not hidden from God.
  • Verse 13-16: God knows all about our beginning and sees us.
  • Verse 17-18: His thoughts are more than the number of sands.
  • Verse 19-22: Our thoughts about those against the Lord.
  • Verse 23-24: Truly asking God to search my heart and to lead me.

There is a lot of head and heart pondering here. To think (head) there is a God who knows and cares for us so much. But to allow it to sink into our hearts and know the Lord cares this much.

Why would we not be willing to allow Him to be our Lord and Savior? He cared so much Jesus came to save us from ourselves. Thank you, Lord.

I pray this scripture becomes a more profound reality for me and all who read it. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Pastor Mary


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Mary Yaw

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