We live in a very I can do this world. But can we? Have you ever tried fixing a broken pipe or an auto problem because YouTube shows me how? The video may show you how, but do you understand or have the ability? Do we know what the real problem is?

I can relate this to my eating issues. In the past, I have done so many different diets and programs. Only to lose the weight and to gain it back. Why? Because the root issue was not diagnosed and addressed. Why do I overeat? What is the root issue? I can only address the surface. God sees and knows my heart and knows the why.

As we walk out our lives with Jesus, what we do can be like the videos. We know what to do and do our best to follow the steps. I know how to do this! I got this! But do we?

We must get to the root cause, but we don’t know the root cause. We must be desperate enough to say, I will sit here with you, God, till you show me what it is. Dealing with my emotions and hurts from my past with God can be challenging and freeing all at the same time.

Today’s question is, how desperate are you? Are you willing to say, “God, I need your help, fight for me, show me!” This is where life changes. When we know in our strength, we cannot change anything. Our efforts only bring about temporary change. Romans 8:34 states Jesus makes intercession for us. So when you find desperate, remember this. Romans 6 is another good read.  

Pastor Mary

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Mary Yaw

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