Can you weather the storm?

We have been studying Foundations in a Bible Study I am part of. It was fascinating this morning when God showed me different ways physical things are anchored—specifically deck umbrellas.

So, let us look at different kinds. There is the kind that has a sand or water-filled base, those which have their stand that goes through a table, and those you must anchor with screws.

All will withstand the storm (winds) up to a point. Even the ones which must be anchored with screws. Those not anchored to the physical deck or put through a table won’t handle much. The wind can still cause damage.

Now let us talk about those anchored to the deck with screws. What kind and length screw are you using? A smaller screw will not hold up against the stronger winds. Even the longer ones will hold better, yet they could be blown over, especially if the storm is a tornado or hurricane. Those storms cause a lot of damage.

So, using this analogy, what is the foundation of your faith? What size storm can you withstand? The more you have a relationship and walk with Jesus, the deeper you will be anchored. So, do you remember the Bible story of Jesus speaking to the storm to be still? This can be found in Mark 4:38-40.

The song The Anchor Holds also tells us we need to be anchored; what is your anchor?

Pastor Mary
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Mary Yaw

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