Can I hear a witness?

Read and see what GOD can do!

In a world where SO MUCH can go wrong, I am wondering if there are others out there who have seen the move of GOD in their life and want to share? I encourage each of you to take a moment and reflect on your own experiences. Your testimony could be a source of inspiration for someone else in our community.

Yesterday, I posted about my vehicle. The update is that it started right up for him when he got to the shop, and there were no codes for what was happening or the power steering issue I shared. So, an oil change and out the driveway.

As I sat there, reflecting on the day my truck broke down, I was overwhelmed with gratitude. Gratitude for all those times when God had protected me and my children amid blizzards on our road trips to Iowa. Gratitude for all those times when, seemingly out of nowhere, God had fixed our mechanical issues. It was a powerful reminder of all the good things God has done for us, especially in relation to vehicles. It was a time of profound thanksgiving and praise.

But remembering all God had done was His way of later reminding me of HIS faithfulness. He still sees me and is watching over me. Then, to fix my truck and not cost me hundreds of dollars, which is what the mechanic thought it was, was nothing short of a miracle.

So, praise be to the GOD in heaven for HIS mechanic miracles. We must remind ourselves more of these times and praise GOD for HIS faithfulness. Then, when life’s little speed bumps come our way, they don’t launch us into a panic. We can remember.

It talks about when the Israelites came through the Jordan River. They were instructed to gather rocks and build an altar. This altar was a physical reminder of God’s faithfulness and a place where all would remember what GOD had done for them. Just as the Israelites did, we should also create our own ‘altars’ of remembrance, whether through sharing our testimonies or keeping a journal of God’s blessings in our lives.

Pastor Mary

Mary Yaw

Mary is on a mission to provide a cozy welcoming, safe place where you can find H.O.P.E. for the future.