I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and the friend I was living with made plans to move in with her boyfriend in an apartment that had no room for me any longer. I had no idea what to do! Someone at Birthright told me about Titus 2 and I called Mary. The first thing she did was pray with me over the phone as she could hear the pain in my voice. I moved in on a Saturday evening and went into labor Thursday morning and had my beautiful baby girl Friday night. She stayed with me all day Thursday, walking with me as we waited, asking me questions about favorite Bible Stories and memories to take my mind off the pain.

She has been a friend and spiritual mentor as I’ve walked a path of growing closer to our Lord. I’m not really sure what would have happened had Titus 2 not been here for me. I have learned so much through the support groups and the fellowship of all the ladies who have come through the Ministry Center. I feel stronger as a Christian and a mother. The love of God is incredible and never-ending and I’m forever grateful to be experiencing it.