Jenny and Her Son

My son (2 1/2 yr old) and I came out of a verbally abusive marriage that was starting to get physical. My counselor recommended contacting Titus 2 Ministry. I had no clue where this place was or what it was even about. The day I arrived at Titus 2 I was scared and lonely.

Mary welcomed my son and I with open arms. Her home is warm and cozy and it’s a safe place to be. I’m so blessed that Mary has this
ministry to help women in need. What’s also amazing is how faith based it is. God is helping my son and I in so many ways.

The women who are also in the house have unwavering faith in God. It’s a positive environment and I want more people to know about Titus 2 Ministry. Mary Yaw is very passionate about her work and she will help out anyone who is in need. God has definitely blessed her and this ministry and I am thankful.