First I just want to say thank you to GOD for giving me Mary. I first heard of her from a lady when we were incarcerated together. I was trying to get released to Titus 2 but that's not what GOD wanted.

When I got out I went to a halfway house. During that time I didn't contact Mary yet but in the back of my mind I wanted to be in the Titus 2
ministry. God then put me right back into the same heart of the crazy life. I feel HE was strengthening me for things ahead.

Around September 2013 I contacted Mary and we began our great friendship and man did GOD show up. Since then Mary and I have kept in contact everyday. I'll call her or she will call me. I think of Mary as my spiritual mother because she has prayed and given me advice as a
mother should do. My mother is in my life but unfortunately not able to be there like I want or need and that is why GOD gave me Mary. Every time I call she answers and she prays every time. May GOD bless her and the Titus 2 Ministry. She is a very good encouragement and an uplifting person.