On September 24, 2009 we lost our 6 year old grandson to the H1N1 virus. This began a journey of grief and pain that splintered my family. At a time when we needed each other more than ever we broke apart. Because of our very different ways of dealing with grief my husband and I fell into a downward spiral of arguments and accusations. I felt he wasn’t there for me and felt very alone and he felt I was pulling away from him.

Over the past year the arguments and recriminations intensified to the point of daily conflicts being made worse by counseling from a very misguided outside source. I was not only being affected emotionally, I was seeing an effect on my physical well-being. On June 11th I packed a bag and left my home knowing I needed some time away by myself. Where I was going to end up I wasn’t sure but I knew I had had some time away.

The Lord led me to Mary and Titus 2 Homes. With the Lords help and Mary’s care and concern, I found my way out of the fog I was living in. It is by the grace of God that I returned home after 3 days a renewed and hopeful person. My husband and I are now rebuilding our relationship and getting our marriage back on solid footing. We have found those “old feelings”. We thank God daily for leading us back to each other and to Mary’s home.

As you walk through the door of this beautiful home you immediately feel the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ all around you. Mary’s care and concern give you a very tangible sense of peace and love. It is a place of healing, safety and peace.

I pray that the Lord bless Mary and Titus 2 Homes and provide the financial support needed to keep the doors of this beautiful home open for the lost souls like me. It helped mend my hurting soul and in part helped restored my marriage. Thank You Mary for taking me in. May the Lord Bless and Keep You.