My goals or God’s?

I have gone through the daily motions of life. The song “I Owe, I Owe, It is Off to Work I Go.”  I wanted clarification as I ponder the direction of my life and goals. Why?

The answer is that my goals are my goals (if I had any set) and may not be what God wants for me. I didn’t want to move to Minnesota in 1995; God had a different need and plan I didn’t see. He needed me here, and I am okay with that now. I had to go through much healing to step into His plan. I wouldn’t change a thing.

The process was and is hard, though. We make our plans and directions with or without asking God’s advice. We have our desires and dreams but are they God’s?

We need to remember Philippians 3:14, which reminds us to press toward the goal, which is calling me heavenward. But how do I do that?

Imagine that God has more scripture. Psalm 119:105 says the Bible is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. Think of it like your headlights when driving at night. It only shows you a bit of the road. You must be alert and watchful. So must we as we walk out our lives.

The book of Nehemiah tells the story of Nehemiah, who was called to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. It is an exciting story. You must read it. He found favor, had naysayers tell him it was impossible, and then organized and instructed people on how to build and fight simultaneously.

That sounds like our life at times. So, my friend, look for the finish line—your entrance into Heaven. Although the path may not be clear, the LORD is with you.

Pastor Mary

Mary Yaw

Mary is on a mission to provide a cozy welcoming, safe place where you can find H.O.P.E. for the future.