Just a little is okay. Or is it?

A little bit of something is okay. What will it hurt? The real question is, are you willing to compromise? Compromise is to make a concession one ought not to make, especially regarding one’s morals or relationship to God.

I pray for my future spouse and my children. See, I am praying they will not compromise what they believe to be in a relationship with someone.

It is a balance to be in a relationship. We must be careful we are not unequally yoked, as stated in 2 Cor 6:14.

We often think we can change them. But can we, or are we just willing to compromise to have someone we feel cares for us at the time?

Are you strong enough to hang on to your routines (God time), or will this person take your sight off God? They may not mean to, but it can happen. Ultimately, we want someone chasing after GOD as hard as we are. No compromise.

So, if I were to bring you some brownies, they smelled and looked amazing. Before you took one, you asked how they were made. I explained that I had put in a little bit of something special, but it won’t hurt you. You ask what I tell you it was some poop, but just a little bit. Would you still eat the brownie? Probably not.

Do you look at your relationships with others in this same way? Trying to figure out what they are made of or stand for. Are you willing to compromise your morals or your relationship with God to be in a relationship?

Pastor Mary


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